From the recording Sleepless Lullaby (2010)

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Time is An Airplane

Time is an airplane
Speeding through the New York sky
That takes you to California
Without even one last goodbye
Seems like just yesterday we were drinking red wine
And watching the summer rain
Now I sit on the roof searching through stars for something
I can’t explain

Time is a blackbird
Gliding slowly down the riverside
Where you got on one knee with a diamond ring
And you asked me to be your bride
Seems like forever since you said you were leaving
On that clear June night
Behind my bedroom door hangs that never-worn dress
Of sparkling white

At 600 miles an hour
Your flight heads for the coast
But time stands still in Brooklyn
When I wish it would pass the most

Time is an ocean
With memories washed up on the sand
Remember how we kissed on the boardwalk
And rode the Cyclone holding hands

Seems like that day will always be frozen in my mind
Even though the months go by
My sleepless nights last twice as long as my tear-filled days
I don’t know why