Publicity, Europe – Peter Holmstedt, Hemifrån 
U.S. Radio Promotion — Erik Balkey, Hudson Harding Music

"KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice) an astonishingly beautiful recording." — Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live NYC

"Sharon has a beautiful voice and a compelling stage presence. Her music is powerful and heartening. It connects us to our humanity and transcends cultural specifics, inviting us into universal truths." — Joe Jencks, Brother Sun

"Thank you for delighting our members with a superb concert. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback." — Justin Nordell, executive director, Philadelphia Folksong Society

"Sharon Goldman has done something quite remarkable, merging the cadences of ancient Hebrew liturgy with a contemporary feminist perspective on modern Jewish and American life.  Despite its historic roots, her work is easily accessible to anyone who appreciates intelligent, poetic, musically compelling folk.  If you don’t need to be Jewish to love Levy’s rye bread, you don’t need to be a rabbi to love Sharon Goldman’s original, timely, soulful music," -- Si Kahn

"In 'Kol Isha (A Woman’s Voice),' my friend Sharon Goldman has done what the best songwriters do: created beautiful, memorable songs, sprung from a deep awareness of the connection between her personal experience and the broader sweep of history. The songs seamlessly weave together first-person narrative, sacred allegory, and Hebrew refrains - it’s a gripping, powerful and sometimes surprising mix. Sharon’s experience as a Jewish woman is the starting point for a moving exploration of universal questions about love, family, memory, and belonging. This project has also unlocked something extra in Sharon’s already lovely singing voice, an even greater expressiveness and richness. In this divided world, everyone should hear and be touched by the heart and soul of 'Kol Isha.' -- Pat Wictor, Brother Sun

"Sharon Goldman's 'KOL ISHA' is an extraordinary effort to explore what it means to be a woman in general and a Jewish woman in particular through song. Her clear, strong voice and gorgeous songs stand out in this CD through tenderness and insight. 'KOL ISHA' is indeed the voice of a woman." -- Wanda Fischer, DJ/host, WAMC's "Hudson River Sampler"

"I've been listening to Sharon Goldman for several years, and each time I saw or heard her, I had the sense that she was growing as an artist. Upon seeing her perform KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice) at a house concert, I now know where she was going. This is a beautiful collection, and Sharon brings her entire heart and soul into the performance of it. She has definitely found her voice! -- Coco Wilde, First Acoustics House Concerts

"KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice) is musically, emotionally and intellectually moving, all in one” - Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

"Sharon's writing and sound calls to mind the best from Shawn Colvin and Kirsty MacColl. Sharon Goldman is producing music that deserves careful listeners. I urge you to listen along carefully with me." -- Charlie Silvestri, host of Up Close And Acoustic"

"Sharon Goldman is one of the most criminally underrated tunesmiths of the last ten years. Her lyrics are a clinic in how to paint an indelible picture with the simplest images and symbols." -- Alan Young, New York Music Daily

"Sharon has found a sweet spot in music and inhabits it fully and joyously!" Laura Acksin Foord, Heights House Concerts

"Sharon’s songs are honest and direct, guided by an impeccable voice that draws you in at the first note." -- Kathy Sands-Boehmer, Blogger, No Depression and Booker, Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA

"Beautiful work. Her singing is flawless...her songs are smart and sensitive." -- Sloan Wainwright

"Sharon Goldman continues to impress us with her wise and witty musical observations on life and love." -- Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live NYC