1. Letters

From the recording Sleepless Lullaby (2010)

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I found you in a box of letters
Underneath an old blue sweater
You haven’t changed
But what’s really strange
Is that I never threw you away

You spent the years beneath my bed
Beside that book I never read
Why did I keep you around
Like my old wedding gown
After you left my heart for dead

I don’t have room for you anymore
Not even one corner of a dresser drawer
I know it took me far too long
But it’s time your words got gone

The paper’s edges are worn and thin
Like my memories half-forgotten
I read between the lines
And see that all the signs
Are where they’ve always been

I don’t have room for you anymore
You should have gone when you walked out the door
I hold the letters to the flame
And watch the pages fade away

Now my bedroom is all bare
A wooden floor and one rocking chair
There’s a window opening
And the clean smell of spring
And I sleep soundly there