1. Silent Lessons

From the recording Silent Lessons (2014)

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Silent Lessons

What do you hear in the quiet when you’re alone
And there are only the wordless waves of the unknown
What do you hear in the 4 in the morning of your soul
When all your fears and faint of heart begin to unfold

I hear voices
I hear questions
I hear choices
And I hear silent lessons

What do you see in the stillness when you feel blind
And you need all six senses to know what to find
What do you see in the darkness when there's nowhere to hide
From the lingering loneliness that lies by your side

I see colors
I see impressions
I see wonders
I see silent lessons

Silent lessons
Silent lessons

What do you feel as the dawn breaks and everybody sleeps
And you want to get up and run away from secrets you keep

I feel deep in my bones
A new intention
I am alone
But I feel silent lessons