1. Three Stars

From the recording KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice) 2016


Three Stars

Searching for three stars
The sign of the end of the Sabbath day
She wonders if God is really everywhere
Does he hear her when she prays?

When Sabbath ends they blow out the flame
Every week is just the same
Searching for three stars, Three stars

She sits on the front steps
Looking for her future in the sky
Sometimes she thinks God hides behind the moon
If only she could fly

When Sabbath ends Daddy drinks the wine
But nothing moves as slow as time
When you’re searching for three stars
Three stars

Her mother says
“Someday you’ll miss having nothing to do but wait.”
But she knows this is not her destiny, nor her fate

Billions of stars hang in the universe
That we can’t see
These days I’m still searching the heavens
For what God means

And maybe I will never know
But I found my way in this world I had to go
Searching for three stars
Three stars