From the recording KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice) 2016



I saw a falcon fly
It flew as fast as time
I thought it carried my memories
All my years on its wings
Across a mountainside

I saw the harvest moon rise
Autumn season in the night sky
The psalm says our days are like a breath
A fleeting shadow across our eyes

And I could have sworn
I saw you in the sea of stars
Dancing in the light

I heard a sycamore tree
Whisper as its leaves
Fell as slowly as a Sabbath day
Their work is done
They can finally rest in peace

I heard a chickadee
Calling out to me
Like a Kaddish echoed across the cold and barren woods
A prayer or a plea

And I could have sworn
I heard your voice in the wind
Singing in the breeze

I felt the drops of rain
Scatter down my face
As if all my tears were washed away
Just as summer has gone without a trace

And I could have sworn
I felt your hand in mine
We were together again in our place