1. In My Bones

From the recording KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice) 2016


In My Bones

Whispers of prayer
Rhythms I understand
Shadows of souls swaying
Singing melodies old as the desert sand
I know them like the back of my hand

Echoes of blessings
Over spices and wine
The ghosts of my ancestors haunt me
They speak a language that used to be mine
I remember every line

It’s in my bones
In my bones
In my bones
Like names etched in brass cobblestones
I can’t erase what is my own

Braided candle flickers
As a new week begins
The wax drips like a sigh on my fingers
Burns with the memories sealed in my skin
I can’t scrape off who I have been

Voices of memory
Rise from their fate
Faces that wandered through centuries
Reflected in my grandmother’s silver plate
I feel the weight

It’s in my bones
In my bones
In my bones
I can’t run from all I’ve known
Because I’m already home