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The Sabbath Queen
Brushes her flowing hair
Washes her face clean
Everyone is waiting for her
She is dressed in pure white
To usher in the Sabbath night
As the beloved bride
Her pearls shimmer in the candlelight

In the mirror’s reflection
Dark circles around her eyes
She powders them to perfection
The queen’s disguise
She woke at dawn to bake the bread
And prepare the evening meal
Sewed her gown with silken thread
She looks as tired as she feels

Lecha dodi likrat kala
Penei shabbat nekabla 2X

Behind her veil
Sometimes she wants to disappear
She bites her polished nails
Her lipstick smears
She may have blisters on her feet
Still she must stand to meet their gaze
Be quiet and smile sweet
And receive their joyful praise

They open up the door
She brings them peace and rest
Like she did the week before
She always does her best
But underneath her sacred crown
She is not ideal
The Sabbath Queen can’t let them down
But she is real

Lecha dodi likrat kala
Penei Shabbat nekabla 2X