Thank you, 2016!

2016 was a challenging year for our world. But personally, in my own little world, besides being grateful for the health and happiness of my friends and family, I'm so grateful and feeling lucky that 2016 was a year of making a creative dream come true. 

At this time last year, I was just starting to organize my plans to record the songs that would become my latest album, KOL ISHA (A Woman's Voice). 

Now, the music is out there; I've performed the songs for fans and friends; I've received kind and thoughtful kudos; and I'm booking shows to share the songs and stories of KOL ISHA in 2017. 

None of that could have happened without so many: My co-producer Stephen Murphy. My mentors Penny Nichols and Sloan Wainwright. My engineer Mark Dann. Musicians including Craig Akin, Cheryl Prashker, Dan Hickey, Abbie Gardner, Amy Soucy, Laura Wolfe and Brian Prunka. All of the friends, fans and family who contributed to my Pledge Music campaign. Early encouragement and inspiration from Basya Schechter, Si Kahn and hosts Coco & Bruce Wilde. Erik Balkey of Hudson Harding Music and Peter Holmstedt of Hemifran for domestic and European radio promotion. All of the DJs who played tracks and were incredibly supportive...especially Ron Olesko, Joe Pszonek, Wanda Adams Fischer, John Platt, Jon Stein, Jan Hall, Artie Martello, Bill Revill. Inspirational PR writing help from Jon Sobel and Thomas Boyd. All of the bloggers and reviewers who wrote kind words about the album. Supportive concert hosts such as Michael Spear and album release help from Steve Reuter. All of my friends and family who listened and encouraged. The entire Jack Hardy Songwriter's Exchange, hosted by Kathryn Bloss, who listened and critiqued. The SummerSongs community. My husband Shannon Wagner, most of all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Here's to a great 2017, everyone.