Review of KOL ISHA from Acoustic Live

Acoustic Live is a long-running publication of the acoustic, indie and folk music in the NYC area run by one of the most supportive folks in local music, Richard Cuccaro. I've been reading it for over a decade now! 

I was pleased that Richard wrote a very kind review of KOL ISHA (A Woman's voice)'s what he said: 

"Sharon Goldman’s lighter-than-air alto takes us on a tour of her path in rebelling against the Jewish culture’s impulse to keep women in silent support of its men. On the album’s opening track, “The Tribe,” she sings: They drew the lines and set the limits / I knew which I could not cross. As she finds her love in someone willing to hear her, her lyrics proclaim: Let me hear your voice / Lovely and sweet / Clear as water, let me hear your voice. “Clear as water” almost gets it. As we delve deeper and deeper into the album, the feathery touch of Goldman’s voice is exquisite. This is most emphatic in “Jerusalem” as we hear her authentic pronunciation, Yerushalayim. This is an astonishingly beautiful recording."

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