House Concerts... In Your Home

What is a house concert?   

A house concert is an invitation-only, private, not-for-profit concert for your guests in your home or other small, private venue. It is typically held indoors for 20-50 guests who contribute a donation to attend the show. The intimate setting allows you and your guests to truly experience the music and meet and mingle with the performer.  A house concert usually includes snacks/drinks provided by the host or a potluck dinner where all of the guests pitch in. 

Why does Sharon love house concerts? 

House concerts are a wonderful way to connect directly with fans, for the host’s family, friends and friends-of-friends to come together and to create a unique evening of entertainment that you just can’t find in any other kind of venue. Both the audience and the artist get to experience an intimate concert in a ‘listening room’ setting that is comfortable. This isn’t a party with background music, it’s a sit-down concert right in your living room!   

How does it work? (Hint: It’s not complicated!) 

All you need to host a house concert is a space in your home (or other private neighborhood venue) that can seat 20 people or more. If you have a living room that’s about 12’ by 15’ or larger, you’re golden! One of the charms of house concerts is that they tend to be cozy, so if you just move some furniture around you’d be amazed how you can set things up comfortably. 

Still think your house is too small? Again, there are many many other venues that can host a house-concert-like environment: A community hall, church basement, barn, public library room, art gallery and the like. House concerts tend to be informal, so that means they adapt to almost anywhere!   

No matter what space you choose, you’ll need to set up the room so that there is space upfront for the performers and their instruments — in front of the fireplace, perhaps, or in an open corner. There also need to be rows of chairs arranged facing the performer. Don’t have enough chairs? See if neighbors or friends can bring some along, or if you can borrow some from the local library, school or church. Then, set up some snacks, drinks, or space for potluck dishes in the kitchen and dining room and you’re ready for your guests! 

Next, you’ll need to spread the word. If the show is in your living room, you probably won’t want to throw the doors open to the public — so your guests will most likely be your friends or friends of friends. You can the word out privately through email, a Facebook invite, or Evite. At an alternative community venue, you could also reach out to local forums and organizations. 

Do I need an expensive sound system for the performers? 

No! Another charming thing about house concerts is that they are usually done totally acoustic, with no amplification. 

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